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Collection of receivables

We introduce you how companies and individuals collect receivables of loan and trade receivables by using small claim system and dunning of repayment

The collection of receivables is important for business. If it is difficult to collect trade receivable and loan, at first, we begin collection of the receivables by content-certified mail

If we cannot collect after claiming by content-certified mail, we can take advantage of small claims where we can complete lawsuit in 1 day in case where the trade receivables and loan are less than 600,000 yen

The lawsuit for collection of the receivables reminds us of large amount of time and expense. However, in case of small claims, we can complete it by one suit by using 6,000 yen revenue stamp at summary court. For details, please feel free to consult us

As for high price receivables which cannot be collected by small claims, the summary court issues dunning solely by screening of document for dunning of repayment. If there is no objection, a pleader is allowed to proceed to forced execution by declaration of provisional execution, and thereby we can settle it in short time. In addition, we have a system where we can settle by half price of the suit

We provide consultation of receivables collection at free of charge for customers who have the tax accountant consultation contract and social insurance consultation contract with us

We do not accept consultation for collection of trade receivable and loan from those other than the ones who have the consultation contract with us by e-mail or telephone except where they visit us

Tax accountant fee

Fee for consultation of receivables collection
It is at free of charge for those who have the contract of tax accountant consultation
and social insurance consultation with us

To contact of Accounting office which Fee of tax accountant, social insurance and labor consultant, administrative scrivener

Certified public tax accountant, social insurance and labor consultant−Accounting Office Tsujiuchi

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