Tax Accountant office

Looking for clerk

Tsujiuchi Tax Accountant and Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Office needs a part-time clerk under the following condition.

Accounting office

Type of work
Part-time accounting clerk
Number of employee
we need: 1
Age: 20 through 40
Work place: Our office
586-3 Oononaka, Kainan-shi, Wakayama-ken
750 through 2,000 yen per hour
Commuting expense
4,100 yen per month at maximum
Work hour
13:00 through 17:00
Number of work days
3 days a week
Details of work
Accounting and tax
Junior college or higher degree than that
Experience required
Clerical work in accounting
Qualification required
Bookkeeping 2nd class or higher class than that
How to apply
How to apply
After calling us, please bring your resume or send it to Tsujiuchi in our office.
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