Work enviroment of Tax Accountant office

Work enviroment of Accounting office

Tsujiuchi Tax Accountant and Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Office is an office, which is authorized to beWakayama-ken men and women mutual participation

Handling for work environment of Tsujiuchi Tax Accountant
and Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Office
Handling in order that women exercise their ability
We select head of each section regardless of classification of sex in accordance with responsibility of ability and work.
Preparation of environment
where work in our office and work at home are conducted in parallel
We adopt a system where an employee can select work hour to conduct the work at home such as child care and nursing care and work in our office. We also allow that an employee leaves our office for the work at home for 1 or 2 hours during the work hour
Handling for improving skill of employee
We support actively an employee who participate in each seminar to improve his or her own skill. In addition, we also support that an employee who goes to school to acquire a qualification to select the number of work day
Handling for sexual harassment
We distribute a pamphlet of sexual harassment to all employees

Ordinance for promoting Wakayama-ken men and women mutual participation

Men and women are equal as human beings, and their human rights must be respected regardless of sex. Wakayama-ken has been handling actively to realize a society where men and women are equal and can support each other by living. However, there strongly remains an unequality by system and custom where awareness of determined role sharing by sex is reflected, and some people still cannot realize participation in society even if they desire to do so.

In such a situation, it is urgent and important to realize a society where an opportunity is secured that men and women mutually participate in activity in all areas in the society, their personality and ability are sufficiently exercised while enjoying all profits as well as to share the responsibility mutually in order to make Wakayama-ken hometown where people can live comfortably by coping with change of social economics such as growth of aging society with fewer child, internationalization, and advance information society.

We established this ordinance to create Wakayama where people can live safely and hopefully while all men and women being proud of themselves as human beings feel human and economic richness by promoting men and women mutual participation furthermore.

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