Real Estate Appraisal

Fee of Real Estate Appraiser

The following list is solely a sample,consult, we can serve you better if you

Fee of real Estate Appraiser consultation

Assessment of land for house or building
Assessment of classified ownership of building (condominium)
Assessment for farmland or forest and rent
Less than 50 million yen
105,000 yen
126,000 yen
157,500 yen
Less than 100 million yen
157,500 yen
210,000 yen
262,500 yen
Less than 300 million yen
210,000 yen
262,500 yen
315,000 yen
Less than 500 million yen
262,500 yen
315,000 yen
367,500 yen
More than 500 million yen
Calculate upon consultation separately

(Including tax)


  • If assessment of appraisal is remarkably complicated, we add accordingly
  • As for the appraisal of real estate, we accept solely customers in Kinki area except for the special case
  • We add 50 percent to the above list for those customers who do not have consultation contract with us
  • We calculate appraisal for ownership of expected land for house, classified surface right of land for house, rent of land, as well as ownership for building and its land by consultation separately
  • Our appraisal is based on the general style of appraisal by real estate appraiser with whom our office has partnership with
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