Consulting of tax management

Content-certified mail

As for use of content-certified mail, we introduce an effective method of content-certified mail as a useful measure for saving tax in tax accounting, inheritance and management

We must use the content-certified mail effectively when companies make an important “determination” in tax and management in their office. It must be used for transaction among group companies the most

We cannot calculateunrecoverable receivables as bad debt loss in tax unless it is determined by waiver of the receivables by means of content-certified mail, or the court issues a notification of determination subject to corporation rehabilitation law or bankruptcy

The companies need to assume that the period for calculating theunrecoverable receivables to bad debt loss and management of the company are integrated after determination by content-certified mail, and please feel free to consult us

Please feel free to consult us since there are a variety of measures for saving tax such as measure of inheritance tax in preventing theunrecoverable receivables from being added to the inherited asset by means that directors of the company determine waiver of the receivables for loan in the same group company by content-certified mail

We draw up request and waiver of the receivables by content-certified mail at free of charge for customers who have thetax accountant orsocial insurance consultation contract with us

We do not accept consultation of content-certified mail by e-mail or telephone from customers who do not have the consultation contract with us except where they visit us

Administrative scrivener counsultation

Fee for drawing up content-certified mail
We provide the service to customers who have thetax accountant orsocial insurance
consultation contract with us at free of charge
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