Bookkeeping service in Japan

Fee of tax accountant for filing corporate taxFee of tax accountant for filing income taxfee of tax accountant for filing inheritance tax、as additional service other than basic service, customer can select the additional fee of tax accountant below

The list of the fee below is solely a sample, and we can serve you better if youconsult us

Fee of bookkeeping service in Japan

number of yearly journalizing
monthly fee(Including tax)
Less than 1000
5,250 yen
Less than 2000
10,500 yen
Less than 3000
15,750 yen
Less than 4000
21,000 yen
Less than 5000
26,250 yen
Less than 6000
31,500 yen
Less than 7000
36,750 yen
Less than 8000
42,000 yen
Less than 9000
47,250 yen
Less than 10000
52,500 yen
More than 10,000
Number of yearly journalizing × 5.25 yen

(Including tax)

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