Inheritance tax in Japan

Fee fortax accountant for inheritance tax in Japan

The following list for fee of tax accountant is solely a sample, and we can serve you better if youconsult us

Fee for filing inheritance tax in Japan

Total of asse


Less than  70 million yen

210,000 yen

Less than 100 million yen

262,500 yen

Less than 150 million yen

315,000 yen

Less than 200 million yen

367,500 yen

Less than 250 million yen

420,000 yen

Less than 300 million yen

472,500 yen

Less than 350 million yen

520,000 yen

Less than 400 million yen

577,500 yen

Less than 450 million yen

630,000 yen

Less than 500 million yen

682,500 yen

Less than 600 million yen

840,000 yen

Less than 700 million yen

997,500 yen

Less than 800 million yen

1,155,000 yen

Less than 900 million yen

1,312,500 yen

Less than 1000 million yen
1,470,000 yen

More than 1000 million yen

Calculated upon consultation separately

(Including tax)


  • When calcualtion for assessment of asset is remarkably complicated, add accordingly

Customers can select the following fee other than fee of tax accountant for filing inheritance tax

Fee of tax accountant

Fee of social insurance and labor consultant

Fee of administrative scrivener

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