Corporate tax fee

Fee of Corporate tax

The list of the fee below is solely a sample, and we can serve you better if youconsult us

Fee for Corporate tax

Yealy transaction amount
Corporate consultation fee (monthly)
Fee for corporate settlement
Total of yearly fee
Less than 10 million yen
5,250 yen
21,000 yen
84,000 yen
Less than 15 million yen
7,250 yen
29,400 yen
117,600 yen
Less than 20 million yen
10,500 yen
42,000 yen
168,000 yen
Less than 30 million yen
15,750 yen
63,000 yen
252,000 yen
Less than 50 million yen
21,000 yen
84,000 yen
336,000 yen
Less than 70 million yen
26,250 yen
105,000 yen
420,000 yen
Less than 100 million yen
31,500 yen
126,000 yen
504,000 yen
Less than 300 million yen
36,750 yen
147,000 yen
588,000 yen
Less than 500 million yen
42,000 yen
168,000 yen
672,000 yen
Less than 700 million yen
47,250 yen
189,000 yen
756,000 yen
Less than 1000 million yen
52,500 yen
210,000 yen
840,000 yen
Less than 2000 million yen
63,000 yen
262,500 yen
966,000 yen
Less than 3000 million yen
73,500 yen
294,000 yen
1,176,000 yen
Less than 4000 million yen
84,000 yen
367,500 yen
1,375,500 yen
Less than 5000 million yen
94,500 yen
378,000 yen
1,512,000 yen
Less than 7000 million yen
105,000 yen
420,000 yen
1,680,000 yen
More than 7000 million yen
calculated upon consultation separately

iIncluding tax)


  • Yearly transaction amount is 3 times for medicine (doctor and dentist)
  • Yearly transaction amount is 2.5 times for 5th type of business(serivice insudtry)
  • Yearly transaction amount is twice for 4th type of business (food and drink service)
  • Yearly transaction amount is 1.5 times for 3rd type of business (manufacturing indutry)
  • Follow the above list for 2nd type of business (retail indutry)
  • Yearly transaction amount is 0.7 times for 1st type of business (wholesale business)
  • Yearly transaction amount is 0.6 times for CVS and franchise store

Tax accountant consultation

Other than the fee of tax accountant for filing corporte tax, customers can select the fee of the following service

To contact of Accounting office which Fee of tax accountant, social insurance and labor consultant, administrative scrivener

Certified public tax accountant, social insurance and labor consultant|Accounting Office Tsujiuchi

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