Accounting office of Tax accountant,Social insurance and labor consultant,Administrative scrivener

Certified Tax Accountant Office

Accounting office which tax accountant, social insurance and labor consultant, administrative scrivener support at low price in Japan.

586-3 Kainan Wakayama Japan

Income Tax

Individual settlement tax accountant fee are calculated based on the sales amount of the business. However, as this calculation system does not sometimes fit by the style of business, we will reduce the fee of tax accountant if you contact us.

We are able to provide the comprehensive service at low price by providing the service of social insurance and labor consultation as well as administrative scrivener in our office in addition to tax accountant service in Japan.

Yearly transaction amount
Fee for drawing up income tax
Yearly transaction amount
Fee for drawing up income tax
Less than 10 million yen
31,500 yen
Less than 300 million yen
315,000 yen
Less than 20
52,500 yen
Less than 350
367,500 yen
Less than 30
63,000 yen
Less than 400
420,000 yen
Less than 40
73,500 yen
Less than 450
472,500 yen
Less than 50
84,000 yen
Less than 500
525,000 yen
Less than 60
94,500 yen
Less than 600
577,500 yen
Less than 70
105,000 yen
Less than 700
630,000 yen
Less than 80
115,500 yen
Less than 1000
735,000 yen
Less than 90
126,000 yen
Less than 2000
840,000 yen
Less than 100
136,500 yen
Less than 3000
945,000 yen
Less than 150
157,500 yen
Less than 5000
1,155,000 yen
Less than 200
210,000 yen
Less than 7000
1,365,000 yen
Less than 250
262,500 yen
More than 7000
Calculated upon consultation separately


In our tax accountant office, the consulting fee by tax accountant is all at free of charge, and minimum fee of tax accountant (fee for drawing up application form of corporate tax and income tax) is the basic fee.

If they require the service of tax accountant other than those, they can select among tax accountant fee of additional service at its request.


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