Accounting office of Tax accountant,Social insurance and labor consultant,Administrative scrivener

Certified Tax Accountant Office

Accounting office which tax accountant, social insurance and labor consultant, administrative scrivener support at low price in Japan.

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Additional service

In our tax accountant office, the consulting fee by tax accountant is all at free of charge, and minimum fee of tax accountant (fee for drawing up application form of corporate tax and income tax) is the basic fee. The fee of tax accountant other than that is additional fee, and customers do not have to pay unnecessary fee by adopting a system where they can select at its requirement. We provide the necessary service at low price by selection of service in Japan.

œFee of consumption tax

Base of yearly transction amount
Fee of consumption tax
Less than 20 million yen
10,500 yen
Less than 30 million yen
15,750 yen
Less than 50 million yen
21,000 yen
Less than 70 million yen
26,750 yen
Less than 100 million yen
31,500 yen
Less than 200 million yen
36,750 yen
Less than 300 million yen
42,000 yen
Less than 400 million yen
47,750 yen
Less than 500 million yen
52,500 yen
Less than 600 million yen
57,250 yen
Less than 700 million yen
63,000 yen
Less than 1000 million yen
68,250 yen
Less than 2000 million yen
73,500 yen
Less than 3000 million yen
84,000 yen
Less than 4000 million yen
89,250 yen
Less than 5000 million yen
94,500 yen
Less than 7000 million yen
105,500 yen
More than 7000 million yen


œFee of year-end adjustment

Fee of year-end adjustment

number of employee
feeiIncluding taxj
less than 3
3,150 yen
less than 5
5,250 yen
less than 10
10,500 yen
less than 15
15,750 yen
less than 20
21,000 yen
less than 25
26,250 yen
less than 30
31,500 yen
by 5 increment
add 5,000 yen


œFee of depreciable asset tax

Fee for drawing up an application form of depreciable asset tax in Japan.

Fixed asset price
feeiIncluding taxj
Less than 5 million yen
5,250 yen
Less than 10 million yen
10,500 yen
Less than 30 million
15,750 yen
Less than 50 million yen
21,000 yen
Less than 100 million yen
26,250 yen
Less than 150 million yen
42,000 yen
By 50 million yen increment
Add 10,000 yen


œFee of gift tax

Fee for drawing up application form of gift tax in Japan.

Total of gift
fee iIncluding taxj
gift solely by cash
10,500 yen
Gift necessary for assessing asset
31,500 yen


œFee of bookkeeping

Fee of bookkeeping

number of yearly journalizing
monthly fee
Less than 1000
5,250 yen
Less than 2000
10,500 yen
Less than 3000
15,750 yen
Less than 4000
21,000 yen
Less than 5000
26,250 yen
Less than 6000
31,500 yen
Less than 7000
36,750 yen
Less than 8000
42,000 yen
Less than 9000
47,250 yen
Less than 10000
52,500 yen
More than 10,000
Number of yearly journalizing ~ 5.25 yen

œFee of witnessing the research

fee for witnessing the research in Japan.

base fee for fee of witnessing the research

inumber of days for research~21,000 yen for daily allowancej{inumber of year for correction~10,500 yen for fee for drawing up of filing the correctionj


œFee of stock valuation

Fee for drawing up a statement of stock valuation in Japan.

Fee for drawing up a statement of stock valuationiIncluding taxj

21,000 yen


The list of the fee below is solely a sample, and we can serve you better if you consult us.


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