Accounting office of Tax accountant,Social insurance and labor consultant,Administrative scrivener

Certified Tax Accountant Office

Accounting office which tax accountant, social insurance and labor consultant, administrative scrivener support at low price in Japan.

586-3 Kainan Wakayama Japan

Privacy Poricy

œPrivacy Poricy

We makes effort to protect personal information, through constructing secure for the protection from illegal access, disclosure, loss or damage as well as maintaining accuracy of such information and updated.

Where and when we intends to use personal information beyond the purview or other than specified above, we obtains prior consent of the individual anew.

we does not provide personal information to third party.

œSecurity Management

We shall strive to ensure the accuracy of Personal Information on Customers and keep it up-to-date and also take necessary and appropriate security management measures to protect such information from unauthorized access, falsification, leakage, loss, and damage.


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¡ Details of Work
„°ù‡Tax accountant
@„°ùˆFiling corporate tax
@„°ù‰Filing income tax
@„°ùŠFiling inheritance tax
@„¯ù‹Additional service
„°ùŒSummary of office